We are truly grateful to work with such a receptive company.  LAURA    The ability of your team to handle difficulties pertaining to all the moving parts, last minute major changes, multiple countries/moderators, versions upon versions of stimuli and edits, was nothing short of heroic. Your moderators also are top notch.   SHARON    Ok, thanks as always for accommodating our crazy requests!!  ILANA    Thanks for getting us out of field a good week plus ahead of schedule. We have received the final SPSS ( thank you Martial J) and in formed the team.   IFEY    Thank you again and it has been a true pleasure working with you and your team!  AMY    I have to say again how lovely it is to work with people who are helpful, switched on and efficient!   ANGELA    As for feedback on iCare representatives, you were all fantastic.   JONATHAN    We just wanted to thank you all for your hard work and flexibility on the X project. The moderators and translators were all great and we felt like things moved smoothly thanks to your help. Sharon also wanted to communicate how happy she was that we collaborated with you and that we look forward to working with you again in the future.   ILANA    Thanks all! Kudos to Martial for not sleeping! Just ran through links for Germany and France and all is well!!  KRISTIN    I greatly appreciated your efficient work on this project, great recruits and timely communications. Always a pleasure to work with you.  CECILE    Hello Cecile, thanks for sending this over. You have done a great job recruiting for this difficult study and we really appreciate your hard work! Thanks,  EVA    We enjoy working with your team. Everyone is very responsive, which we totally appreciate!  LESLIE    From my own personal perspective iCares work on our horrifically challenging (to say the least) asthma projects over the past year was nothing short of stellar, and so very appreciated.   SHARON    Gil, you are always you: responding so quickly!  JILL    Thank you Cecile! Great work from the team to recruit this challenging population, and the moderators for being flexible with the research. We look forward to receiving the rest of the transcripts.  CHRISTIAN    Thanks as always for your thoughtful participation in our proposal process!   NANCY    Before I get into the details of that, I would like to thank you for all your hard work on our recent projects. It has been a pleasure working with your team!  LAURA    Yes, Gil, thank you! We greatly appreciated the wonderful support from you and your team. I m sure we will work together again soon.   CLAIRE    Lara, the moderator in Brazil, was fabulous! I know that my team enjoyed working with her very much. Also, the Brazilian respondents were wonderful. I was worried about the ethnographies in Brazil, but they went so well!.  BETH    We are grateful for everyone's excellent work on this. It was a difficult project, and we are glad to have partnered with ICARE for it!  BROOKE    Yes, I do have good information on your travels. You provide us with so many services, it is important to know where you are at all times! I appreciate your thoughtfulness with this proposal.  KATIE    The client was very pleased with the translations and said they were excellent . Thank you.  JULIA    Thanks again to everyone for all your efforts with the Policy IDIs. The clients are pleased with the way the study was handled and with the wealth of information gleaned. I hope we will work together again very soon!  MARTY    All interview completed. VERY pleased with the English speaking ability which has been less successful with other providers. Thank you!  KAREN    Thanks much. It’s been great working with you. Considering the very little amount of time that you actually had for this very tricky recruitment I think we were pretty successful. IN fact, I was really surprised to see how things have developed over the past 1-1.5 weeks. It’s a shame we have to stop here now but it is what it is I am afraid. Many thanks, though, for the great work. I hope we get the chance to work together soon. We’ll spread the word in our organization!  MARTIN    I want to take a moment and say thank you very much for all your help on these last two projects. I truly appreciate all your input, communication and keeping everything on track throughout the studies.  AMY    Thank you for your excellent help on this study, we highly appreciate your support in finding these difficult respondents.  AMY    Marie, let me assure you that my impression of your work is VERY positive! I actually had one of the best project co-operations with you and that is what I have kept in mind. Furthermore, I particularly appreciate your responsiveness.  NICOLA    First, I want to thank you and your team for all of your help with the last research study! Your team was excellent and all of the interviews went very smoothly.  HILLARY    Also, the client was extremely pleased with the number of German patients you were able to secure and the fact that the first interview had a confirmed diagnosis of FAC. Thank you for your efforts and for making us look good as you always do.  MARY ELLEN    I am an iCare loyalist forever !!!  SHARON    We do not usually get a SECOND thank you from our clients and it ’s always nice to hear that our research was used in something tangible and that our clients see the value in the input we provide. Jim was especially appreciative of the conversation we all had on Thursday. It ’s not easy to do a debrief like that in another language, and I want to thank you for helping us to impress our clients! Ladies, I want to thank you once again for your work and responsiveness on this project.While we still don ’t know anything from our prospective partner, you should know that the study was referenced in our pitch presentation and that our prospective partner commented on the extensiveness and thoroughness of the initial research we brought to them last week.On behalf of the team, I ’d like to extend our appreciation, please also extend my thoughts to your French colleagues for their effort and thoughts in the debrief as well.  KATE    You all do such an amazing job.  JILL    Hi everyone, this is fantastic news! I am really happy that we were able to meet our original timeline with such a difficult recruit. Thanks to all parties involved!  CHRISTINE    How wonderful your team is. We have just finished the fieldwork for Phase 2 of the KOL study in 7 markets and yet again Laureen, Line and Jacques have been a joy. Not only are they efficient, proactive and helpful but they are just really nice people to work with.  ANGELA    Hi Cecile That's the best news I've had all week! Thank you ever so much for your help with this and your perseverance, it is much appreciated.  KATE    These summaries are excellent! I m so pleased, both with the level of detail in them as well as with the answers to the questions, which indicate that the moderators are probing well on our important areas.  BROOKE    I wanted to thank you again, for your company's amazing job in recruiting high-quality physician respondents for my OAB concept testing research (which is being completed now). The respondents were very good and the moderation was top-notch. The moderators were conscientious of the objectives, executed good probes, and their skill obtained the information we needed.  JILL    Hi Cecile, Gil and you have been amazing all along for this very tricky project.  FLORA    Thank you for all the hard work and incredible responsiveness on bids, etc. You are truly a partner we can count on which is wonderful.  KATHY    Thank you so much, Gil as usual, your prompt responses are much appreciated!  KRISTIN    Thank you very much, Gil! Your information is always so nicely organized and easy to understand. We really do appreciate it.  CLAIRE    Also – one other thing. Our client has repeatedly commented on the high quality of the interviews. She is pleased.  KAREN    Just read your summary! FANTASTIC WORK! I am really very pleased. Warmly.  JAMES    Gil, I appreciate your team working late this evening to help us get this done! Thank you very much. Hope you can break for the night soon!  RAY    Delighted to have the same splendid team from Phase 1.  ANGELA    As always, this is very helpful. Thank you so much!   SUELLEN    Thank you so much for all of your involvement with me over the last couple of days. You are wonderful to work with!  MARGIE    I must tell you the team is very happy with iCARE's contribution to the success of our C project.   LIA    Thanks for being flexible on all our screening criteria and recruitment specifications, we know they were very specific!  BROOKE    Excellent on all! And thanks for the expedient response Gil I know you are burning the midnight oil over there  SHARON    I am delighted to confirm that we were very happy with the quality of your interviews.   ANDREW    The moderator yesterday was excellent; the client was very happy with his approach. Your teams on my trade show project have been absolutely fabulous to work with, just amazing! Thank you for all the fantastic work you and ICARE have done.  PAUL    As always, thank you SO much for the lightning-fast turnaround!  EMILY    Please don't forget (how could you not?) to tell your website designer how much ICARE's website impressed this client.  JILL    Gil,This was perfect. Thank you for the fast turnaround and I have to tell you that my clients continue to be very, very impressed at how quickly we can get global bids.So thank you for all your efforts.  JILL    Have a great night and thanks so much as always with your patience, flexibility, and professionalism on all this! It is so very much appreciated!  SHARON    I ve been through both HSCT and SOT links now and they are good so thank you for achieving such accurate programming; it doesnt always happen. Thank you for all your help and speed in setting this up.   ANGELA    Thank you so much for doing it so quickly! That was a life-saving act   JULIA    We really appreciate the great partnership we have with ICARE and look forward to continuing the relationship!  SCOTT    Hi all. Thanks for your help in making last week's project a success. All went well and the client was very pleased.  KAREN    It was wonderful to work with ICARE and we look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you and the whole ICARE team for all of your support and assistance.  EMILIE    Great working with you as always – I hope we have another project where we can work together soon! Really appreciate all the help over the extended timeline, and especially the flexibility with some of the client-side needs and timing.  MATT    Thanks by the way. These notes are very well done and quite exhaustive!  ILANA    You know how much we think of you and your company. I let the client know that it is ICARE who we will be partnering with and that you have successfully completed many such projects for me. They took a look at your website and were very impressed! Just wanted to pass this along.  JILL    Oh Gil - I just love working with you! All these costs are very reasonable, and we appreciate all the work. I appreciate the team's flexibility and accommodating our changes. You guys are the best - thank you so much for your patience. Thank you! Also - this project has gone extraordinarily well so far, your team has been incredibly helpful and it makes a huge difference.  JULIETTE    Thank you, Marie! Your support and patience is so appreciated, you have no idea!!!  RAY    Excellent, thank you so much for all of your great work on this project. Everything went perfectly. We look forward to working with you in the future and have already referred you to our colleagues.  LAUREN    Thank you ever so much for all your help on this project.  SARAH    Not surprising as you all do a great job! As I have said before, the recruiting has been amazing. Thank you for being so on top of things! Perfect - thanks so much for being flexible!  KATIE    I know you and your team always go above and beyond - thanks so much!   LAURA    On my most recent work with your team what can I say? They are amazing in getting the interviews, managing the process as always, the commitment and professionalism continues to be a very welcomed relief in this marketplace.  JILL    Gil and his team have often stayed late (VERY late) into their evenings in order to handle our project.  RAY    Hi All I want to thank all of you for everything you did to help make our project a success. The clients were very happy and my moderator said all went extremely well. They loved the facility, so happy you recommended it Gil. And the facility manager was so accommodating and helpful. Please pass along my thanks. Recruiting was wonderful as well and everyone handled the many changes without skipping a beat. So thanks for another terrific job! I look forward to working with you again in the near future. Best  ROBIN    We will continue to partner with ICARE as much as we can. I know that one company cannot hold everything afloat, but your team is wonderful to work with.  PATRICE    I have received very positive feedback from Victoria about all aspects of the day yesterday (moderation, sim trans, venue, organisation, food etc) so many thanks indeed for organising it all.  DAVID    Thanks so much for all your help with this project, we really appreciate all the work that went into finding these respondents, I know it was not the easiest task.  MALEN    Hi Jacques, confirming that we see this complete on our end, and that ICARE will pay these respondents’ incentive. Thank you so much for your work on this project - we’ve done a lot of research with this audience before and never been able to hit our quota targets, so our client is going to be very pleased. It was great working with you, and we’ll definitely be in touch in the future.   BEN    Thank you and your team for doing a fine job with these groups. It has been a pleasure to work with you.  MARTY    We truly appreciate you and your team's great work.  MIWA    Thank you for everything on this project to date, you guys are doing such a fantastic job!!  AMY    Thank you Cecile and team, You ve done a great job. I will speak to our team and let you know if we have any questions   SHAUNA    Thank you again! And I hope we will get to work together soon also! We always enjoy the great work you and your team do for us!  KATIE    Thank you Amy! You guys are fast! Everything is going very smoothly so far. Thank you for all your help!   NICK    You have been very good to us Gil and I know the IMA team loves to work with you and your team.  KRISTINE    We really appreciate your and everyone’s work, effort, and thoughtfulness for the recruiting on this project; it was by no means easy or straightforward.  STEVEN    It is always a pleasure to work with you and your team. You are very cooperative and give me clear info to work with. I m glad that NA continues to send work to ICARE. I know that we have a great respect for the work that you do.  PATRICE    This has been a long, challenging and difficult journey with this client over the past 6 months and we have very much appreciated everything that you and your team have done to keep it all on track.   SHARON    Jack provided exemplary service. His attention to detail, informing us of challenges and proposing options was very, very appreciated.  JILL    Thank you! As always, you are the most responsive person I know.   KRISTIN    Great thanks for assigning Kelly to our project. She s is an absolute asset to ICARE and a very strong moderator.  ALPER    Thanks Gil! You make my job so easy!  MARIAN    Many, many thanks to you and your wonderful team for all of your help on this project. We truly appreciate your patience and flexibility with everything. It was a pleasure working with all of you, as always!  KATHY    Hi Marie, as I mentioned yesterday, we are really happy with the transcripts we have reviewed so far. The thoroughness and understanding of the topic and our goals for this research is really impressive.  JEFF    Great, thanks very much for this and all your and your team's hard work on this project.  SARAH    Terrific news! Thank you Cecile. We can now close field. It has been great working with you and Amy!   NICK    Fabulous and thank you for such prompt tables. You guys and girls are great and make my job a lot easier, honestly.   ANGELA    Great work from the team to recruit this challenging population, and the moderators for being flexible with the research. We look forward to receiving the rest of the transcripts.  CHRISTIAN    Also – one other thing. Our client has repeatedly commented on the high quality of the interviews. She is pleased.   KAREN    I also want to say thanks to Stefany and Amy, who did a fantastic job coordinating everything and were extremely helpful in person.  MATT    Thank you again for your excellent work and service.  ALEXANDER    Again, we really appreciate all of your team's efforts on this project! Job very well done.  JAMES    You are always helpful and I wanted to let you know how happy we have been with these last two projects. Please thank your team so much for me!  BETH    Thank you so much; brilliant job as ever.  ANGELA    Despite all of the difficulties, the most challenging (and key) brand manager on the research was very pleased with the results ultimately, as he conveyed and there is no question that we could not have done it successfully without you.  SHARON    I have good news: The client is very happy so far and is looking at doing two more phases of this research!  KAREN    Firstly, thank you for all your efforts to not only completing fieldwork, but also getting us out of field ahead of schedule. It is very much appreciated, and our thanks extends to both Cecile and Martial as well.   IFEY    I would like to once again thank you , and your entire Team, for a wonderful job on the research. Everyone was helpful, professional, and always on top of the changes and adjustments that needed to be made. It has been a pleasure to work with all of you.   ROBIN    Thank you for all your hard work you are doing a fantastic job and we are very pleased with the thorough updates you are providing on the recruit!  PATRICE    Thanks for all your efforts in getting this one done on such a short time frame!  EMILY    We would like to thank you for all your hard work that you put into our T2D Payer Study. We are very pleased with the outputs from your respondents and it was a real pleasure working with you. We look forward to working with you again soon.  REBECCA    Thanks a lot. Great working with you and the team on this one! Just waiting to hear back on the German videos, and that should be the last piece for this one.  MATT    I would sincerely like to thank you all for your great work sending us a perfect set of data in such a short period of time. It really has been our pleasure working with you!  MIWA    Your staff is amazing.  JILL    It was great to work with you on this project and I do hope we get to meet next time! Thanks to you and the whole team for being flexible, supportive, and all around great colleagues.  EMILY    Thank you for providing me both estimates...and so quickly!You have made my job easier.  JILL    As a new person at X and having never had the pleasure to work with you before, please let me reiterate how appreciative and impressed I am with you and your team.This was a very difficult project and your team was unquestionably an indispensable and key factor in ensuring its success. Thank you so much for the amazing effort, persistence, and heroic organization that your team undertook, every step of the way, to ensure that the project ran smoothly and that things did not fall apart. And with never a complaint or negative response you and your team are the ultimate professionals.  SHARON    I just wanted to drop you a line to say what a fabulous job both Jeremy did. I was extremely pleased, and my client was too. Thanks!  ANDREW    I can't tell you how much we appreciate your help (and the help we always get from ICARE).  HILLARY    You and your team are always very patient with all the various changes that come through and with changes to the bids once you send them to us.  KATIE    Thank you, Cecile! And I was just wanted to send a note to thank Cecile, Laureen and others who worked closely on this project for a job well done! I know this wasn t the easiest recruit and we had a lot of questions and requests along the way, so we really appreciate your willingness to work with us and do a great job. Thanks again!  SCOTT    Wonderful! Thank you Jacques! We appreciate your team's diligence.  CAROL    It s really nice how your portal shows the individual respondent data for completes and terminates.   CRISSY    I love working with you and your company does an excellent job. No one is more responsive than you! You are the man who never sleeps.  KAREN    Thanks Cecile and team for the good work!  DEEPA    Well Im really pleased to have found ICARE, because its made my life a whole lot easier as I dont have to waste time endlessly checking things and sitting on people.   ANGELA    Thank you again and I may be repeating myself, but it is a true pleasure to work with you and your team!  AMY    Thanks so much! I will let you know if we have any issues or questions. Thank you, and the entire team, so much for all your hard work and support with getting this project done. We are very happy!! We really appreciate you guys 😊 I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  AMY    Thank you so much for your extra efforts! Yes, you did a fantastic job in providing updates and working with our deadlines.  CAROL    I can confirm that the French patient discussion guide is approved and described by the client as perfect.  MARY ELLEN    As I mentioned yesterday, we are really happy with the transcripts we have reviewed so far. The thoroughness and understanding of the topic and our goals for this research is really impressive.  JEFF    Thank you and please thank your team for a job well done  JOYCE    Thank to Cecile, Laureen and others who worked closely on this project for a job well done! I know this wasn the easiest recruit and we had a lot of questions and requests along the way, so we really appreciate your willingness to work with us and do a great job.   SCOTT    Wonderful! Thank you. Thank you all for everything you have done and all of your hard work and flexibility.  KAREN    You were great in London, took care of everything that needed to get done and you seemed to get the client and what she was looking for.  JONATHAN    Gil, thank you as always for your very detailed and thoughtful response. We can always count on you for these insights!   EMILY    Had a lovely time in the EU and all went very well, thanks! The client was very, very pleased with the research in Italy.   EMILY    Perfect. You all are awesome, thank you.!  KAREN    Thanks for all your hard work and assistance on our (messy) project! We greatly appreciate all of your help and especially for helping us, agency, to look good in front of our clients! I do research outside the US every now and then but it's rare for me to feel so well prepared prior to attending foreign focus group sessions! Everything ran so smoothly and the final client was both pleased and impressed. Thank for the tremendous team effort and for your patience and thoroughness--you are so very accomodating and I look forward to working with you all again in the near future.   CHRISTINA    Thanks so much! You’ve been a great partner thus far and we appreciate the care you’ve put into our project   BETSY    For other projects that ICARE is executing with me, the interviews are wonderful and they are getting the right information. The moderators are very receptive to feedback, making the small adjustments when necessary! CARE is the only company I reach out to given the attention to detail and quality provided.  JILL    Just a quick note to thank you for all your help in this very difficult research. Hope to cooperate with you very soon  MANUELLA