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Exceptional quality and control

All employees understand that superior work will produce satisfied and loyal clients. Not only do we adhere to the ESOMAR, EphMRA, PBIRG and the American Marketing Association codes of conduct, we have developed our own stringent quality control programme to ensure consistent high quality at every stage of a project.


We will only accept projects for which we are qualified by our experience and competence. We ensure that we stay up-to-date into the markets we cover, not only in terms of developments in marketing and market research, but also trends, activities and the personalities in the industries.


As we do everything ‘in-house’, we can move fast and adapt instantly to new requirements or changes in a client’s own program.
We are used to tackling difficult ‘one-off’ research problems such as contacting minority samples, obtaining interviews with key executives, or providing interviewers fluent in ‘unusual’ foreign languages. We take on last-minute projects; even at weekends and during holiday periods, when no one else is answering their telephone.


We understand that it is of paramount importance that clients’ intellectual property rights and records are kept confidential.
We never take advantage of confidential client information and we avoid conflicts of interest by immediately acknowledging any influences on our objectivity which may impair our integrity.

Respects of clients' timing and deadlines

We provide accurate and actionable research designed to meet clients’ objectives, delivered on time, on target and on budget.
To ensure that we meet deadlines, we proactively supply our clients with very regular status reports on their projects.

Highly competitive pricing

We believe that we are one of the most price competitive market research agencies in the international arena.
Fast and competitive estimates can usually be obtained within 24 hours of an enquiry.